What is Exchange Server?

What is Exchange Server?

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 enables small and medium-sized companies to achieve greater reliability and improved performance by simplifying administration tasks such as calendaring, creating distribution lists, sending email messages, automatically performing voicemail transcriptions, providing messaging delivery reports, and archiving mail boxes.

Microsoft® Exchange Server means never missing an appointment again. It will let customers know if you are out of the office today and when they will get their reply. When you’re on holiday it allows designated colleagues to check your emails to ensure nothing important gets missed, and business keeps moving forward by enabling others to book your appointments and check your availability for that crucial meeting. You don’t even have to worry about keeping your Address Book updated - that important email will go to all the people who need it.

Why Exchange Server?

You can see why this year, Microsoft® Exchange 2010 won best mail server in InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year Award!

The solution is designed to reduce the costs of delivering secure and reliable B2C and B2B emails and offers the following key benefits:

Microsoft® Exchange Server will provide you with a reliable and easy-to-use messaging platform. It enables companies to reduce administrative and help desk overhead costs through its feature-rich administrative functions. Microsoft® Exchange Server also offers larger mailboxes, without the costs of additional storage space.

Microsoft® Exchange Server increases staff productivity by providing users with access to their emails and communications from home, work, away from the office or abroad. It increases productivity by simplifying communication and offers a rapid and effective means of communication.

Exchange Server reduces communication costs e.g. it is quicker and less costly to email a customer/supplier or a distribution list than to call, type and send a letter or fax. Email messaging using Exchange Server enables companies to be responsive to customer enquiries, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Microsoft® Exchange Server offers greater security than mail or fax communications. It enables companies to protect customer and sensitive data and offers archiving, retention, and customer leakage protection features, to achieve and maintain compliance with government and industry regulations.

ITS’ Exchange Server experts offer a range of services including:

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