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SQL Server® Design and Implementation

Does your company have many database, monitoring and control solutions, with no common reporting format? If so, a Microsoft® SQL database is a reliable solution.

As a Microsoft® Certified Partner, ITS specialises in the design of robust and reliable SQL relational databases. We combine our database skills and knowledge in automation, business processes and industry best practices to build efficient and effective SQL database solutions, designed to optimise performance. Our knowledge and expertise is evident through our employees’ success in carrying out examinations and achieving the following status:

  • Microsoft® Certified DataBase Administrator

Once the database is designed, ITS provides SQL server implementation services to install the solution as your premises. In addition to SQL Server® implementation, ITS offers the following complementary SQL services to maximise data security:

  • Database mirroring to protect against loss of data
  • Hardware clustering to guard against server failure
  • Encryption to secure data

If you require a well-designed database, with fast, accurate and reliable data retrieval, you can trust ITS’ extensive Microsoft® SQL experience.

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