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SharePoint® Support and Consultants

ITS has a team of SharePoint® Consultants, fully trained in the design and implementation of SharePoint® Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010. They also have complementary expertise in the following technologies: ASP.NET and SQL Server®.

ITS’ consultants are also experts in project management, performing risk assessments and supporting companies through all stages of a project lifecycle. By working closely with you, ITS’ SharePoint® Consultants can get a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s needs and will demonstrate how SharePoint®’s product features will meet your company’s requirements.

Our consultants enjoy sharing their knowledge in the product and industry best practices to help you gain the most from your SharePoint® investment. They will recommend the critical areas to focus on in order to speed up the design and installation process and ensure that you avoid any pitfalls throughout the project lifecycle.

Once you have decided to invest in a SharePoint® solution, we can work with you to document your organisation’s needs in a User Requirement Specification. This document will detail your requirements in the following areas: server configuration, architecture, workflow, interfaces, types of users, security, and data storage in various folders including tasks, documents, pictures and contacts, as well as any customisation requirements. Once your requirements have been defined you can implement the solution internally, use ITS’ SharePoint® experts to install the solution or outsource the project to ITS or other external suppliers.

If you wish to implement a SharePoint® solution using your own internal IT team, but you require guidance and project management expertise, ITS’ consultants can also offer this service. ITS’ project managers are members of, and accredited by the Association of Project Managers. They have undertaken the intensive APM Project Management Training Course, have successfully completed the examination and achieved the APM Qualification.

ITS’ SharePoint® consultants specialise in the following areas:

  • Performing feasibility studies
  • Designing and integrating SharePoint® systems
  • Project execution and management

From feasibility studies and upgrades through to the design and integration of new SharePoint® projects, ITS can absorb responsibility for the entire project, and thereby free-up your valuable time for other commitments.

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