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ITS Becomes an Ontrack Data Recovery Certified Partner

ITS has become one of the first companies to join Kroll Ontrack®’s Data Recovery Partner programme, launched in February 2011.

Data recovery and data deletion are vital factors in a company’s operational life whatever the size of the business, and ITS’ customers now have access to the world experts, through its association with Kroll Ontrack’s intelligent data management solutions.

By calling in ITS as soon as desktop, server or virtual environment data loss, or database corruption, is identified, Kroll Ontrack’s technically advanced data recovery solutions can be employed, and within hours, the data saved.

Unintentional data loss is a major problem, but achieving permanent and deliberate data deletion, can be just as tricky.

Data loss has a massive impact on companies, despite the development and use of robust, new technologies. According to Kroll Ontrack’s research, almost half of IT managers have reported data loss in the last two years. The most common fault is hard drive crash, but Kroll Ontrack reports an alarming increase in loss caused by human error – accidental deletion.

Many companies attempt to recover the data themselves to offset costly downtime – frequently with devastating results. Lost data is fragile. As a general rule there is only one opportunity to recover it, and if those first critical steps in the procedure are incorrect, or misguided (common methods of reinstating data are often unreliable and inaccurate), the data will be permanently unrecoverable. Add to that the cost of recreating lost data and the man hours involved, and the financial impact on a company can be monumental.

Companies generally have strict retention policies for electronic documents, such as sensitive financial information, customer data and confidential company documents, but don’t have clear policies on how to dispose of data that’s no longer required, or policies on how to dispose of old PCs, hard drives and servers.

Simply deleting files before recycling or disposing of hardware or data storage devices, does not protect that information from being recovered. There is even evidence of data being reinstated from crushed, drilled and cracked drives that appear ‘dead’. The safest way to permanently remove sensitive data is by using a proven data erasure software product or hardware tool, such as Ontrack Eraser, which makes sure your confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Cheap products that claim to permanently delete hard drive data are available, some basic erasure utilities are even available free, but the end result is just deletion of the file index and not the indepth data overwriting required to ensure data reconstruction is impossible.

Companies and organisations that fail to take rigorous steps to delete sensitive data leave themselves open to:

  • Theft of sensitive data and breaches of data privacy
  • Poor control of internal data accessibility permitting employees open access to sensitive information
  • Regulatory compliance violations – as custodian of the data, it’s legally your responsibility to handle it responsibly and securely

By applying the Ontrack Eraser product ITS' team makes sure that deleted data stays deleted.

ITS Managing Director Malcolm Knott said: “Through our partnership with Kroll Ontrack, ITS can now offer technology-driven best-in-class data management services and software to support companies and organisations of any size.

"We offer an end-to-end peace-of-mind service. We can recover a customer’s data successfully, every time, and when the time comes to erase the data, we can offer a complete solution for end-of-life data disposal, confident in Kroll Ontrack’s award-winning products and services."