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Network Backup Services

Network and data backup is critical for all companies, large or small. Imagine the consequences if your company lost its customer contact database, accounting information, personnel records etc. Data losses can have a disastrous effect on corporate survival.

ITS offers network backup services to automatically and reliably backup computer networks and all files saved on the network. The network backup solutions are designed to work automatically and without human intervention, saving you both time and money.

ITS has extensive experience in the implementation of network backup solutions using both on and offsite storage facilities, tailored to meet each customer’s requirements. With many backup software solutions available, ITS’ network engineers specialise in offering impartial advice on the products available and offer recommendations to meet your needs.

The network backup solutions can be installed to run on a scheduled basis e.g. daily, hourly etc. and can be tailored to only backup specific files or files that have been updated.

Before we provide a quotation for our backup service we will carry out an audit of your network and provide different backup cost options, based on the quantity of data, number of file versions to be saved, archiving etc.

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