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Microsoft® Small Business Server Installation Services

ITS, a Microsoft® Small Business Specialist, specialises in Microsoft® Small Business Server installations for small and medium-sized companies.

Microsoft® Small Business Server is an affordable software solution that enables small businesses to increase productivity, employee efficiency, collaboration, corporate professionalism and data protection. Microsoft® Small Business Server offers small and medium sized businesses all the applications they require in one cost-effective package.

Cost-effective Solution

Windows® Small Business Server provides most of the features that large multinational companies use, including email, internet connectivity, remote access, mobile device support, printer and file sharing, and backup and restore. It offers small and medium-sized companies all the Microsoft® applications they require in one affordable package.

Business Data Security

Windows® Small Business Server protects small and medium-sized companies from data losses, by offering automatic backup of PCs and networks. It also offers easy-to-use features that enable users to recover documents or files, accidentally deleted. Antispam technologies provide companies with protection against hackers, viruses and spam.

Anytime Anywhere Access

Windows® Small Business Server enables companies to increase employee productivity by providing secure and remote access to emails, company data, client contact information, calendars etc from an online PC. This is invaluable for companies with a remote sales team and enables them to work efficiently from the office, home or from customer sites.

ITS’ Windows® Small Business Server installation services can include all of the stages outlined below. Please note some of these services are optional and will depend on your requirements:

  • Setup user roles, groups and accounts
  • Join computers to the Small Business Server domain
  • Migrate user profiles and program settings from XP machines to Vista/Windows® 7 machines
  • Redirect user’s folders from local machine to server e.g. documents, desktop etc, to protect against loss of data
  • Configure web link gadgets (Vista only) to allow users to access the company website/emails/info etc from a Vista client’s desktop
  • Configure Exchange Server mailboxes
  • Setup SharePoint® for corporate collaboration
  • Implement backups and security
  • Configure remote access and mobile working
  • Setup SQL Server® 2008 for any line of business applications (available in Small Business Server 2008 Premium Edition only)

The software is available in two packages: Windows® Small Business Server Standard 2008 and Windows® Small Business Server 2008 Premium Edition. ITS’ IT engineers offer advice in the differences and can recommend the best package to meet your IT requirements.

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