Customer Questionnaire

To help us assess customer satisfaction and gather feedback to improve our service, please complete and submit this short questionnaire.

All completed questionnaires will be entered into a free prize draw to win an iPod Shuffle.

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Sales & Marketing Process

  1. How capable was ITS' Business Development Manager in understanding your needs and specification?

  2. Was the proposal delivered in a timely manner?
  3. How satisfied are you with the service you receive from ITS' marketing department?

  4. Are there any events or seminars you would be interested in ITS holding?

Project Delivery

How satisfied are you with the following?

  1. The effectiveness of the project manager responsible for delivering your project?

  2. The quality of the project team responsible for delivering your project?

  3. The responsiveness of our team?

  4. The level of technical expertise of ITS' engineers?

  5. How would you rate our team's ability in meeting project deadlines and timescales?

  6. Did the project scope change during the project?
  7. If yes, how satisfied were you with the responsiveness of ITS' team in meeting your new needs?

  8. How satisfied were you with the level of project progress information?

  9. How satisfied are you with the overall project performance?

  10. Does ITS' after-sales support meet your requirements and expectations?

Overall Satisfaction

  1. What do you particularly like about ITS?
  2. What aspects of ITS would you improve?
  3. Would you be likely to use ITS again in the future?

  4. How likely would you be to recommend ITS to a colleague/friend?

  5. What is your overall opinion of ITS?
  6. Are you or your colleagues involved in other projects where ITS' expertise could be utilised?

Additional Comments

I agree that the information contained in this questionnaire can be used by ITS in future marketing material.

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